The Invitation

Join us this fall on a 6-day nature immersion that will provide the context and container to begin sourcing our “doing” in the world from a place of “being”, so that our emergent actions are coming from a place that is awake, resourced and connected with all life.  There is no container as well suited to facilitate this process than nature.  Nature is beingness emerging and by being in nature our cells calibrate to natures way allowing integration of our essence and access to our life purpose to be experienced. 

“If all the species in an ecosystem are individually aligned, naturally the eco-system is in balance.”

inland forest mendo


During our BEING in the Wild time we will move through three phases:

  I)     Attunement to place, ourselves and each other

 II)    Alone time in nature

III)   Weaving the wisdom and movement forward

We as the facilitators will be drawing from more than two decades of our collective practice reaching from native wisdom traditions to contemporary mystical practice, yoga, Qi Gong, non dual meditation, energy work, deep nature immersion, creative expression like song, poetry and dance, group work in circle and smaller groups.



This is about arriving. Together we will create the sacred container for our time together, a safe space in which everyone can find their place and unique expression.

During the Attunement phase we will be connecting with and grounding into the natural world around us and embodied practices, to begin resonating with the natural rhythm of the earth and incorporating nature as a co-participant in our deepening process.  We will also explore resting in Being collectively, by attuning our essence, resting in silence, stillness, and spaciousness, and harmonizing with the creative expression of source emerging.  Through this process we will discover some ‘stuck’ areas that we can begin to release through Qi Gong, yoga, and movement.

You will walk on from the Attunement phase into the alone time with practices that will help you rest in a relaxed state of relaxed awareness becoming available to nature and your inner wisdom.

Alone Time in Nature:  

Alone time in pristine wilderness is a unique opportunity to simply be with yourself and nature, relaxing and being present to the beauty  and abundance of the natural world unfolding. Whatever we do in live, we are most effective when we are coming from a place that is resourced, alive, clear and connected.  Nature is a powerful portal to Source awareness and has many expression from which there is lot to learn and experience in relationship to our doing in the world.

You will spend 3 nights and days on your own with minimal equipment so all your attention can be given to the pure experience of nature around and within you. We – the facilitators – will hold space for the group in a central space and there will be a buddy system for safety.

Weaving the wisdom

After emerging from solitude in nature many of us are naturally drawn to share the wisdom with others.  Coming together in a sharing circle is deeply rich and will include creative forms of expression such as music and dance.  Whatever one feels inspired to share or not share is welcomed.  As facilitators we will hold this container to help you integrate your experience. We will allow the emergence of our collective intelligence to inspire and guide us.

Together we will inquire into what it means to align our Being with movement in everyday life and explore what the liberating structures and patterns are to support this, so that it eventually becomes a timeless moment and capable of being fully lived.